Product Sheets

To assist you in selecting a product from our range, select from one of our product sheets below (Adobe PDF format):

Capillary Thermostats - E.G.O. Shows the E.G.O. brand of general Capillary Thermostats. Various temperature ranges
Capillary Thermostats - Rainbow Shows the Rainbow brand of Capillary Thermostats. Various temperature ranges.
DIY Bain Marie Elements Lists the Tesco range of bendable Bain Marie elements from 500W to 2.4Kw.
Emergency Light Test Unit Shows photograph and details on our Emergency Lighting Discharge Test Unit
Fireproof Safes Fireproof Digital Safes - New to Tobins
Fuses Shows Tobin's range of Glass Fuses, Fuse Holders and Fuse Clips
In-Floor Power & Data Outlets - Gewiss Information on the Gewiss brand of in-floor power & data outlets.
Insect Killers Shows photographs and details of the Starkeys Australian Made Electric Insect Killers and Bug Zappers
Insect Traps Shows photographs and details of the Starkeys range of Australian made Sticky Pad Insect Traps
IP65 Double Pole Rocker Switches Double Pole Rocker Switches IP65 Rocker Switces 20A 240V. Completely protected against dust. Protected against jets of water from all direction
IP66 Floor Boxes Page 1 Information on our range of IP66 Watertight In-floor outlet boxes.
IP66 Floor Boxes Page 2 IP66 In-floor outlet boxes - information and part numbers.
Junction Boxes IP66 Weatherproof The Gewiss range of IP66 Weatherproof Junction Boxes. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Lubricants and Greases - Inox Details the range available of Inox Food Grade Lubricants and Heavy Duty Lubricants and Greases.
Motor Starters Gives Photographs and Details on our range of DOL and Star Delta Motor Starters
Porcelain Terminal Blocks Shows Photos and Part Nos. on our range of Ceramic Connector Blocks
Relay and Timer Bases Our range of Bases to suit plug in Relays and Timers
Switches - Float Gives details on the Margirius range of Float Switches
Switches - Foot Shows photographs and details on our range of Industrial Foot Switches
Switches - Hoist Gives details and photos of the Tend range ot Hoist Switches with direct and indirect switching.
Switches - Limit 10A Enclosed (TZ7---Series) Shows the Tend range of 10A IP65 Enclosed Limit Switches
Switches - Limit 10A Industrial (TZ5---Series) Showing the Tend range of 10A IP67 Industrial Limit Switches
Switches - Limit 15A Enclosed (TZ6... Series) Tend 15A IP67 Enclosed Limit Switches
Switches - Limit 5A Prewired (TZ3---Series) Shows the Tend range of 5A IP67 Compact Prewired Limit switches
Switches - Limit 5A Reinforced Plastic (TZ9---) Shows the Tend range of 5A IP65 Reinforced Plastic Limit Switches
Switches - Limit 5A Semi Indusrtrial (TZ8---) Gives details and photographs of the Tend range of IP65 Economical Miniature Limit Switches
Switches - Micro 15A The range of 15A Micro Switches from Tend Technology
Switches - Power Push Button Shows the Tend range of Power Push Button Switches
Switches - Toggle (Single Pole) Shows the range of Tend Single Pole 15A Toggle Switches
Switches - Toggle, Pushbutton The Margirius range of Single pole, Double Pole, Triple Pole and Four Pole Toggle and Pushbutton Switches
Switches - Toggle, Pushbutton, Rocker & Rotary More of the Margirius range of switches. From 20A and 30A Toggles, 30A Pushbutton switches, 15A Rotary switches and a 6A Trigger switch
Switches Toggle - (Double Pole) Shows the range of Tend 15A Double Pole toggle switches
Temperature Control Boxes - Portable with lead 1) Capillary Thermostat in a PVC Box with Lead & Plug. Four temperature ranges. 2) Simmerstat (infinite control) in a PVC Box with Lead & Plug. 3) Programmable Digital Controller in PVC Box with Lead & Plug and 4) Portable Digital Thermometer.
Testing Meters and Instruments Testing Meters and Measuring Instruments. UNI-T brand - Creative - Reliable - High Quality - Safe.
Tower Lights The Tend range of 50mm diameter Pole Mount and Base Mount Tower Lights
Warning Lights & Strobes Shows our range of Revolving Warning Lights and Strobes Lights
Weatherproof Isolators Shows our range of single pole and three pole IP56 Weatherproof Isolators